Consciousness is the core value on which we base our actions.

Respect towards people with whom we relate every day to build sincere and enduring relationships.

Responsibility for our actions and our choices so that they can always determine positive effects.

Commitment to act in a sustainable way concretely supporting future generations.


An environmentally-aware consumption represents for many not only a lifestyle but also a fundamental value.
Here at Best Western we are fully agree with this value and we are aware that we can do a lot, working hard on the concept of sustainable hospitality.

“Stay for the Planet”

Our commitment resulted in joining “Stay for the Planet”, a program from LifeGate aimed to make hotel stays more sustainable.
Our hotels had been classified by monitoring and measuring their consumption in several areas: Energy, Water, Waste management, Sustainable Purchasing and virtuous Behavior. Then we assigned to each hotel a “sustainability rating” expressed in number of leaves.
Our customers can now choose their hotel even considering its sustainability.
See the list of the hotels and their sustainability.

Our goal

In 2014 we reduced CO2 emission by 20%, and we kept this result even in 2015 putting into action several sustainable behaviors: from the use of renewable energies, to the constant monitoring of energy and water consumptions up to the program of sustainable purchasing.

Commitment of our customers

The average daily water consumption of each guest of a hotel is about 360 liters, while at home a person consumes about 250 liters.
In terms of energy consumption, the annual average varies from 250 kWh/m2 for small hotels to 450 kWh/m2 for larger ones, which means a high impact on natural resources. Here in Best Western we believe that customer’s contribution is crucial. That is the reason why we ask our clients to take some simple actions that allow a reduction of the environmental impact of their hotel stay, whilst still ensuring the quality of service that meets their needs.
Our clients are welcome to use recycle-bins available either in corridors or in rooms.
Our customer can choose the linen re-use program, avoiding an unnecessary consumption of water and energy.
We also encourage our clients to a responsible consumption during breakfast in order to reduce food wastes.



Here in Best Western we believe that taking care of others is an essential value. This is why we endorse local and national non-profit Associations doing our best to help those in need.

BW for People

“BW for People” is aimed to provide assistance to non-profit Associations supporting families with hospitalized children, such as the Fondazione De Marchi that operates at the Hematology and Oncology Center of the Pediatric Clinic De Marchi in Milan, with the goal of ensuring to children, affected by rare diseases and undergoing treatments, a good quality of life.
Every summer children are accommodated by one of ours hotel so that they can spend a therapeutic holidays, a good chance to live moments of normalcy and happiness after a whole year of treatments; the little patients really appreciated this initiative and can’t wait for summer to come again!
We also support the Fondazione with fund raising made by Best Western Italia employees at Christmas and Easter time; all the funds raised are devolved to the Fondazione for the purchase of materials and whatever little patients need.

Some of our initiative

We believe that linking our brand to Associations operating in the field of scientific research is a concrete way to offer them a concrete support. We are always pleased to give visibility to initiatives such as:

  • We World Intervita: non-profit organization, operating in Italy as well as in developing countries, which ensures and defends children and women rights providing them education, health assistance and protection from violence and abuse.
  • ANT: non-profit organization aimed to provide free oncologic medical assistance and to develop the scientific research.
  • AISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association): non-profit organization supporting people affected by this chronic and debilitating disease which aims to create a world free from multiple sclerosis.
  • Telefono azzurro: Against all forms of violence and abuse on children and adolescents.
  • AiBi: operating all over the world, the Association fights against child abandonment and promotes international adoption, custody, support at distance and spiritual adoption.

Below some examples of initiatives supported by Best Western Italia and promoted on our social network:


For an Hotel Chain, interpersonal relationships are fundamental. We accommodate millions of people in our hotels and we experience hospitality even in our headquarter in Milan which has been provided with relax areas as well as with a functional kitchen where lunch time turns into a moment of sharing. Developing a good climate within the company is our everyday goal and that is why we are always open to new ideas, projects and initiatives.

BeWe committee

It is a working group composed by colleagues, elected by all Best Western employees, who takes care of organizing several initiatives such as exhibitions and shows, sport and wellness, specifically thought for Best Western employees.

“Make the Difference” project

In 2011 Best Western employees participated to a personal and professional developing program. Edited by BMotion, an innovative coaching company, the program was focused on several issues: vision, emotional intelligence, resilience, planning, creativity and empathy. One of the most important result achieved thanks to the Make the Difference program, has been the drafting of the company mission, adopted from all employees, which resulted from a specific comparison of everyone feeling:
“We are a group of passionate and enthusiastic people that with intellectual vitality aims to become a reference point in the Italian hospitality scenario. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions and synergies for our members and their customers. We are proud to belong to a brand which respects and enhances each individuality”

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