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Touristic information: Abruzzo

Discovering Abruzzo

Castiglione a Casauria (PE): the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria is the jewel of roman-gothic architecture of the Abruzzi.
Celano (AQ): ancient stronghold at the foot of a rocky spur on a hill overlooking Fucino Lake. The castle houses the Marsica National Museum of Sacred Art. In summertime, don’t miss the excursion to the Gole di Celano (a deep gorge).
Stiffe Grottos (AQ): near Aquila. As we approach the grotto, we see one of the most beautiful natural sights of the entire Abruzzo region. At Christmastime, a spectacular nativity scene is reconstructed.
Sulmona (AQ): situated in the large Sulmona basin, on the site of the immense prehistoric lake, immersed in the background of the great national parks of Abruzzo and Maiella. The cathedral is of particular historical importance.
Other villages: Aprutino, Assergi, Bominaco, Castel del Monte, Fossa, Lanciano, Loreto.

Tastes and flavors in Abruzzo

Incanestrato: fresh sheep’s milk cheese obtained by pressing the cheese-rennet in reed baskets.
Mortadellina di Campotosto: typical cold meat from the town bearing the same name; the most tender and delicate part of the animal is used, which is then tied in four segments – a piece of lard is inserted in the middle of the four segments.
O'rapi della Marsica: tasty wild asparagus used in the preparation of pasta dishes and omelets.
Scapece: pieces of fish, such as smooth hound, ray or porbeagle, lightly fried and dipped in a mixture of boiling white vinegar and saffron.
Wines: Aurum, Cerasuolo, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.

Handicrafts in Abruzzo

Wrought iron of Guardiagrele: the pride of the Maiella Mountain region.
Carved wood: in Pretoro and Castel del Monte.
Castelli majolica: Thousands of pieces of majolica for export to all continents are “baked” in special ovens.
Copper: copper is used in Casoli, Lanciano and Vasto for numerous productions.

Abruzzo: events & exhibitions

Città S. Angelo: September - The new wine (‘vino novello’) is celebrated. The festival of S. Michele Arcangelo begins with processions of allegorical floats, including one dedicated to Bacchus and Arianne. Tasting of excellent wine for the occasion.
Cocullo: in honor of the patron saint, St. Dominick–Procession of the ‘Serpari’ (snake handlers). The statue of the patron saint is completely covered with live snakes and carried through the streets of the town.
Pescara: mid July - Jazz Festival. Held at the G. d’Annunzio Monument-Theater.
Sulmona: Easter – ‘La Madonna che scappa’ (The Madonna who runs in the square). The statue of Mary leaves the church of St. Philip and when the Madonna recognizes her risen son, the carriers of the statue start to run.

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