Our concrete initiatives for environmental protection

The commitment of Best Western is supported by the scientific partner LifeGate and is developed in two projects.

Stay PlasticLess

By joining the Stay PlasticLess project, Best Western Network aims at reduceing the presence of disposable plastic. This commitment will affect the amount of plastic waste produced daily and will therefore have a positive impact on the environment.

The actions concern different areas, including:

  • Reduction of virgin plastic cups
  • Use of dispensers instead of single-dose food products
  • Use of crockery and cutlery in durable or biodegradable and compostable materials
  • Reduction of water consumption in plastic bottles
  • Reduction of virgin plastic bags’s use
  • Stop the use of plastic straws

The hotels receive a rating every year based on the virtuous actions implemented and the responsibility taken on this issue.

Stay PlasticLess completes the Stay for the Planet project, that for years has been an indication of Best Western's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Stay for the Planet

By joining the LifeGate “Stay for the Planet” project, Best Western Hotels undertake to manage their activities in a sustainable manner by monitoring consumptions, taking energy efficiency actions and reducing their environmental impact through responsible behaviours.

The five leaf rating system assigned by LifeGate’s scientific committee, calculates the hotel’s environmental performance score based on five diferent areas of impact:

Energy: sources and consumption of electricity and heating, energy building’s efficiency and equipment

Water: drinking water consumption (catering, rooms, services, etc.) and water saving

Waste: waste type and production, waste management and pevention measures

Purchases: low impact supplies of raw materials, service products and durable materials with lower environmental impact

Behaviours: organisation of suppliers’ logistics, staff and consumer mobility management, creation of guest awareness and link to sustainable local initiatives

The results achieved since 2012, the year in which the project began, to date consolidate Best Western's commitment to environmental sustainability:

  • Potential Greenhouse Effect: -21%
  • Energy requirements: -17%
  • Water Footprint: -26%