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WorldHotels is the Brand of the Group that combines luxury and elegance with authenticity and creativity.
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In Italy there are seven WorldHotels properties presents from north to south. From Bozen to Lecce, passing through Milan, Genoa and Florence. Each structure is unique.

WorldHotel Parkhotel Laurin, a Design hotel immersed in the magic of Bozen, WorldHotel Cristoforo Colombo, an elegant boutique hotel in Milan, WorldHotel Casati 18, a modern hotel in step with the fashionable air of Milan, WorldHotel Savoia, located in Genoa, allows to immerse yourself in a vintage atmosphere, WorldHotel Mulino di Firenze, a journey into art, in a structure that has a real mill on the Arno River,, and in the end, WorldHotel Risorgimento Resort, a beautiful property located in the Baroque style of Lecce.

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Bolzano WorldHotel Elite Park hotel Laurin Book now
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Milano WorldHotel Elite Cristoforo Colombo Book now
Genova WorldHotel Elite Grand Hotel Savoia Book now
Firenze WorldHotel Crafted Mulino di Firenze Book now
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