BWH Hotels, is committed to environmental sustainability, promotes a plan of energy sobriety.

The plan puts in place measures to preserve resources, promote sustainable behaviors and encourage the use of renewables in a perspective of collective responsibility.

Measures taken by the hotel


We regulate the temperature in the common areas and in the rooms in line with the ministerial indications and we limit the heating in the unused spaces


We carefully manage internal and external lighting


We provide for constant routine maintenance of the systems to ensure environmental comfort and avoid greater energy consumption


We constantly measure energy consumption


We carefully manage electrical devices and turn them off when they are not needed


We change towels and bedding only if requested by customers


We train our staff to use resources responsibly and limit energy waste

Recreational areas

We plan the use of the gym, swimming pool and wellness center during peak times by booking access to limit gatherings

Your contribution

Use natural light whenever it is possible and remember to turn off the lights or take out your key card when you leave the room

Unplug your device when it’s fully charged. Do not keep chargers plugged in

If possible, reuse your bedding and towels

Close the windows when the heating or the air-conditioner are turned on

Let’s make the difference

We can all contribute, starting with small gestures. We can all make a difference if we choose a responsible and sustainable stay.