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Touristic information: Calabria

Discovering Calabria

Caulonia (RC): The small, narrow streets, the alleys, the old churches with their splendid frescoes, the castle remains, the numerous squares and the characteristic underground passages make Caulonia one of the most interesting towns in the region.
Gerace (RC): Its historical center, rich in churches and palaces built under the various rules that followed one another over the centuries, is very beautiful.
Calabria National Park: Angitola Lake Oasis, in the municipality of Vibo Valenzia, overlooks the lake bearing the same name; we can admire many aquatic bird species in an uncontaminated landscape.
Sibari (CS): The Archeological Park is equipped with rest areas and educational panels, is located here.
Other villages: Castrovillari, Isola Capo Rizzuto, Nicastro, Stilo.

Tastes and flavors in Calabria

Butirro of the Sila: ‘caciocavallo’ (strong cheese from Southern Italy) with a fresh butter filling.
Cubbaita: honey and sesame ‘torrone’ (kind of nougat).
Stuffed chillies: round chillies with a savory sardine and caper filling.
Soppressata: typical cold meat obtained by finely chopping pieces of choice, lean meat and adding pieces of lard cut into cubes, salt and pepper.
Wines: Bivongiò, Cirò, Greco di Bianco, Liquore al Bergamotto, Nocino.

Handicrafts in Calabria

Seminara “baffuti”: bottles with anthropomorphic traits considered to be lucky charms.
Terracottes: in Bisignano are produced blazed terracottas.
Glass: manual processing is typical in the village of Bagnara.
Reed whistles: typical musical instrument made by artisans in San Luca and Plati.

Calabria: events & exhibitions

Castrovillari (CS): Carnival - Pollino Carnival and International Folklore Festival. Enogastronomic exhibitions, concerts, serenades in the evocative corners of the ancient village and the three traditional processions of floats and masked groups are held in Pollino National Park.
Cosenza: month of July - Festival of the Invasions. It includes a unique mixture of music, theater and literature.
Cosenza: March 19th – Fair in honor of St. Joseph. A centuries’ old tradition famous all over the south. The stands offer local handicraft items.
Stilo (RC): between July and August - Ribusa ‘Palio’ (horse race). 6 days of celebration, disputed by archers, crossbowmen and horsemen representing the ancient hamlets.

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