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Touristic information: Campania

Discovering Campania

Atrani (SA): ancient village near Amalfi. Its houses, set one on top of the other, make it look like a nativity scene; the church of Santa Maria del Bando sits on a rocky knoll overlooking Atrani and Amalfi.
Maddaloni (CE): Ponte della Valle – an old Carolingian aqueduct, the most impressive hydraulic architectural work, built by Luigi Vanvitelli.
Padula (SA): St. Lawrence Carthusian Monastery - built in 1306 - valuable, sixteenth century, inlaid choirs are preserved here.
Velia (SA): the ancient Greek city of Velia Elea, home of the philosophical school of Parmenide and Zenone, stands in the heart of Cilento National Park, in the Marina di Ascea area; the remains of the city’s oldest housing settlement stand at the foot of the acropolis.
Other villages: Caserta Vecchia, Furore, San Leucio, Sant’Angelo in Formis, Vietri sul Mare.

Tastes and flavors in Campania

Cuoccio all'acqua pazza: ‘U’ cuoccio’ is the moorhen, the delicious fish with the large head and beak-shaped mouth; in Capri it is prepared in “crazy water”, which is a broth seasoned with garlic and tomato.
Sorrento-style gnocchi: ‘gnocchi’ cooked au gratin with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, slices of ‘fiordilatte’ (fresh milk cheese) and basil.
Pastiera: a cake made with wheat cooked in milk and sugar, ricotta cheese, eggs, milk and orange peel.
Torronicini di San Marco dei Cavoti: caramel ‘torrone’ (nougat) with almonds and walnuts cut into small and rectangles moulds and covered with a layer of sugary icing.
Wines: Asprino, Falangina, Falerno del Massico, Fiano di Avellino, Furore (white and red), Greco di Tufo, Lettere, Limoncello, Strega.

Handicrafts in Campania

Capodimonte ceramics: precious knick-knacks made by true artisans.
Shepherds: sale of shepherds and everything needed to decorate the nativity scene, from November until after the Epiphany and the historical street of San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of Napoli.
Craftsmanlike sandals: in Positano or Capri. Original sandals hand-made to measure while you wait.
San Leucio silk: the local artisans keep this art alive, making excellent quality fabrics for furnishings.

Campania: events & exhibitions

San Leucio: month of July - Leuciano Festival. A procession accompanied by eighteenth century music winds its way through the streets of the village.
Ischia: beginning of September - Ischia Jazz Weekend 2004. Jazz concerts with aperitifs.
Ravello: June to October - Ravello Festival. Many events over the entire summer (chamber music, musical walks, lessons, symphony music and much more).
Minori: second weekend in September - Gusta Minori (Taste Minori). Enogastronomic exhibition with products typical of the area.