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Touristic information: Lazio

Discovering Lazio

Casamari (RI): an abbey built in 1203 and consecrated in 1217, it is one of the most important Italian monasteries of Gothic-Cistercian architecture.
Civita di Bagnoregio (VT): Civita di Bagnoregio is an example of a marvel that is unique of its kind. Connected to the world only by a long and narrow bridge, set gently on a summit.
Fumone (FR): Fumone Castle (X century) is of ancient origin. The castle is situated in the middle of a splendid medieval village, on a hill surrounded by woods and mountains in the heart of the Ciociaria region. The castle houses the highest hanging garden in Europe.
Regional Park of the Roman Castles: southeast of Rome, incorporating the hills that surround the volcanic lakes of Nemi and Albano. Numerous nature trails and areas of archeological interest.
Other villages: Alatri, Anagni, Bracciano, Castel Gandolfo, Cerveteri, Collepardo, Tarquinia, Terracina, Tivoli, Velletri.

Tastes and flavors in Lazio

Roast abbacchio (lamb) with potatoes: ‘Abbacchio’ is suckling lamb, roasted in the oven with potatoes. Artichokes “alla giudia”: Roman artichokes served with salt and pepper.
Coda alla vaccinara (Oxtail Stew): oxtail stewed in a meat sauce rich in herbs, raisins, pine nuts and unsweetened chocolate.
Roman-style gnocchi: made with semolina, cooked in milk and enriched with cheese and egg yolks; baked au gratin in the oven with butter and cheese.
Wines: Aleatico, Castelli romani, Frascati superiore.

Handicrafts in Lazio

Artistic ceramics from the Tuscia region: there are still laboratories today that make artistic ceramics following the ancient traditional techniques, with totally lead-free decorations.
Ciocie: typical sandals that gave the Ciociaria region its name.
Copper objects: handicrafts made out of copper are typical in the entire Ciociaria area, especially in Fiuggi.
Rugs: the rugs from Veroli in the province of Frosinone are famous, with decorations that have been handed down for generations.

Lazio: events & exhibitions

Fiuggi: second ten days of October - Chestnut Festival. Folkloristic shows and distribution of roast chestnuts and local wine.
Frascati: first Sunday of every month - Antique market. Furniture, objects, collector’s items, handicrafts, art.
Nemi: first Sunday in June – Strawberry Festival. The town celebrates its famous fruits with outdoor shows in the squares and fireworks.
Orte: early September – The ‘palio’ (horse race) between Seven ‘Contradas’ (quarters of the town). The atmosphere of an ancient time is re-evoked with exhibitions, shows and period settings. The medieval taverns, where typical dishes can be tasted, are the fulcrum of this event.

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