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Touristic information: Liguria

Discovering Liguria

Basilica of San Salvatore dei Fieschi (GE): one of the most important medieval monuments in eastern Liguria rises on the hill of San Salvatore di Cogorno, in the Lavagna hinterland.
Cinque Terre (SP): the Via dell'Amore (Way of Love), the path dug in the rock between Riomaggiore and Manarola.
Toirano Caves (SV): a network of 50 caves that open in the side of a calcareous massif in the Varatella Valley, inhabited by man and animals since very long ago times.
Ventimiglia (IM): Hanbury Gardens. In 1867, Sir Thomas Hanbury purchased the old Orengo Palace for the purpose of making a botanical garden out of it for the acclimation of exotic plants coming from the furthest regions of the world.
Other villages: Arenzano, Bonassola, Moneglia, Nervi, Noli, Taggia, Triora.

Tastes and flavors in Liguria

Castagnaccio: a cake made out of chestnut flour, raisins, pine nuts, fennel seeds and oil.
Cheese focaccia: ‘focaccia’ with Ligurian ‘formaggetta’ (fresh cheese) or ‘stracchino’ (a kind of soft cheese). Famous in Recco.
Pansoti di magro: ravioli with a ricotta cheese, nutmeg and aromatic herb filling. Served with walnut sauce.
Pesto: sauce made out of basil, oil, pine nuts, ‘pecorino’ (sheep’s milk cheese) and Parmesan cheese. Made in the typical mortar.
Wines: Cinque Terre, Golfo del Tigullio, Riviera di Ponente, Sciacchetrà.

Handicrafts in Liguria

Damask: in Lorsica, in the province of Genoa, the ancient art of damask weaving survives intact. Here the looms are like those used in Lorsica in the sixteenth century.
Silver: Genoese silverware has been in great demand and appreciated by collectors and antiquaries for quite some time now.
Ceramics: the ceramics made in Albisola are the most famous of those produced in Liguria.
Macramé: a rather thick and solid lace used to decorate bed sheets, towels and tablecloths.

Liguria: events & exhibitions

Camogli: the second Sunday in May – Fish Festival. Sunday morning, in the harbor square, an enormous frying pan is filled with oil and the fish is fried and offered free of charge.
La Spezia Gulf: first Sunday in August - ‘Palio’ of the Gulf. 13 boats, representing the same number of hamlets, compete in the ‘palio’.
Genoa: Carnival Sunday - Carnevale dell’Acquasanta (Holy Water Carnival). It takes place in the large square in front of the sanctuary that takes its name from a water source to which healing virtues are attributed. Its theme is Ligurian folktales and folk traditions.
Tigullio: in the summer between June and August - Marine ‘Palio’. Rotating in the waters of seven different localities of Tigullio, the competing crews are made up of 4 rowers and a helmsman.

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