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Touristic information: Sardegna

Discovering Sardegna

Barumini: “Su Nuraxi” nuraghi village, the largest and most imposing one in Sardinia. The Nuraghe is an ancient stone dwelling, symbol of Sardinia.
Castelsardo: perched on a large promontory overlooking the sea, with its Cittadella quarter, a labyrinth of winding streets of the ancient village.
Nora: site of archeological interest where we can admire the remains of thermal baths, floor mosaics, and a beautiful, well preserved, small theatre from the II century A.D.
Park of the 7 Brothers: ideal for nature walks; magnificent pink flamingoes can be seen at the Molentargius swamp.
Other villages: Iglesias, Porto Torres, Palau, Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Tastes and flavors in Sardegna

Malloreddus: typical pasta made with hard wheat flour, served with tomato, sausage and Sardinian ‘pecorino’ (sheep’s cheese).
Carasau bread: also called “music paper”; formed of very thin, circular sheets.
Sardinian ‘pecorino’: a sheep’s milk cheese of Protected Denomination of Origin, its production is reserved by law exclusively to Sardinia.
Porceddu: roast suckling pig served covered with myrtle leaves. Wines: Fermentino, Cannonau, Mirto, Nuragus, Vernaccia di Oristano.

Handicrafts in Sardegna

Sardinian ‘bronzini’: bronze statues depicting warriors.
Sardinian ‘fedina’ (wedding ring): typical silver bridal ring.
Sa pudda macca: ceramic pitcher in the shape of a ‘crazy’ hen.
Sardinian rugs: the rugs are woven on horizontal pedal looms of very ancient origin. Rich and varied production with faithfully traditional copied decorative elements.

Sardegna: events & exhibitions

Arzana: November - Novello d'oro (“golden” new wine). A tasty journey through the scents of Sardinia. From Cagliari to Arzana, on the old ‘Trenino Verde’ (Green Train). Four stops along the way to taste the new wines and choice foods.
Cagliari: second-to-the-last Sunday in May – ‘Cavalcata Sarda’ (Sardinian Ride). Groups in costume, horsemen and instrument players from all over Sardinia participate.
Selargius (CA): second sunday of September - the ancient selargino wedding to live egain the traditional sardinian wedding ritual.
Sassari: August 14th - Faradda. Large wooden candles, each one corresponding to a Gremio (neighborhood confraternity), process whirling between two flanks of people.