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Historical Outline: Cosenza and outside

Pescara is the most important city in the Abruzzo region, an active trade and industry exchange centre, one of the most important on the Adriatic coast. It is a young city, especially from a cultural point of view, albeit of very ancient founding. The most ancient archaeological findings, discovered on the hills surrounding it, date back to 2000 BC, although some speak of remains from a settling that allegedly dates back even 6000 years ago. The greatest moment of growth for this centre coincided with the expansion of the Roman empire. The city, which was then called Aternum, became an important port as well as the crossroads of all trade between Rome and the areas of the Adriatic coast. The Longobard domination changed the city's name and it became Pischaria, or fish market. The most important of foreign dominations was beyond doubt the Spanish one however, which took place around 1500. The current city, born in 1927 by the union of Castellammare Adriatico with Pescara, has a decidedly modern appearance, with new technology buildings such as the new railway station or the civil airport and the tourist harbour.

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With its museums and the ancient testimonials from the past, Pescara offers a lot to art and history lovers. You can visit some excavations in the historical centre that have brought back to light the ancient via Tiburtina Valeria; also recently they have discovered under the church of S. Cetteo the remains of the Chiesa di S. Gerusalemme of the 12th century. The Bagno Borbonico still remains intact, part of the 16th century Fortezza, ancient seat of the Caserma Borbonica. There are many city museums, rich with findings related to Gabriele D'Annunzio and the Cascella family (Museo Civico Basilio Cascella, National Museum of D'Annunzio Birth House, Museum of the peoples of Abruzzo).


The city is particularly lively during the summer. Summer events of ballet and drama in theD'Annunzio Amphitheatre, a modern structure with 1800 open air places, just a few metres from the sea with the impressive backdrop of Pescara's southern pinewood, are really worth seeing. Also don't miss one of the most important cultural happenings of the city: the Ennio Flaiano International Prize. It is famous especially for its cinema festival, but the prize is also dedicated to other forms of art, such as literature and theatre. Also interesting are the events organised byCircus Cabaret, a festival of Italian comedy held at the Teatro Circus in Pescara and the Dialect Theatre festival organised by Teatro della Soms; now at its second edition, this event offers many performances strictly in Abruzzo dialect.

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