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Touristic information: Viterbo

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Historical Outline: Viterbo and outside

Viterbo is situated at the slopes of the Cimini mounts, in front of the Tyrrhenian sea. 
It's an ancient city in which the sign of the man has continued expressing itself faithfully time by time trough its heritage. 
Viterbo is a stony hearted city where are still present messages in the stone from the ancient Etruscan roots trough the works of many artists. Just the Etruscan population were the first inhabitants of the city, living where the actual cathedral rises. 
The more obvious trace of this first urbanization is surely the "Necropoli Rupestre di Castel d' Asso", not far away from the city. The itinerary of the roman conquests run together with the development of the Via Cassia, where the rests of beautiful buildings of the "Augusteas'age" are still visible. Viterbo has also a very long history that can be read walking trough the streets of the historical centre of the so called "City of the Popes". 
Since the pontificate of Alexander, the city was chosen as "City of the popes", and was location of numerous episodes of the church history. 
Art, history, archaeology and gastronomy,  this is Viterbo.

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