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Rapallo gives you the chance to admire its Medieval towers, the most important undoubtedly being the recently renovated Torre Civica, and various religious monuments like the St. Francis of Assisi church and the Mariano di Montallegro sanctuary just minutes away thanks to panoramic cableway.
The gentle and relaxing trip through the city's colorful alleyways almost naturally leads to a visit of the Pizzo Museum, at the breathtaking Villa Tigullio, and to the Attilio and Cleofe Gaffoglio Museum located in the former Convento delle Clarisse where numerous gold, porcelain and ivory collections are on display.
Just three hundred meters from the highway exit, the Golf Club Rapallo lets you challenge the technical difficulties of one of the best courses in Italy: the club is a haven for all golfers staying at the Hotel Tigullio Royal in Rapallo , providing guests with discounts.
The mainland that surrounds the Tigullio gulf also provides a wide range of opportunities for riding lovers who have discovered a reliable point of reference in the excellent Rapallo riding stables.

Portofino, coveted and exclusive international tourist destination, displays its natural beauty in its Nature Park.
An ancient fishing village nestled in a cove on a coast full of ravines and bays with rare vegetation that can only be accessed by sea, Portofino and the village of San Fruttuoso with its ancient Abbey, Medieval Ligurian gem, providing a rare chance to admire the submerged statue of "Christ of the Abyss" in the underlying water, are all a must.

In the nearby province of La Spezia, the Cinque Terre region will enchant you with the magnificence of the unique hill landscape with its terracing that steeply descends on the sea.
The five towns in this fragmented portion of the Ligurian coast are an enormously important tourist attraction.
Rapallo provides easy boat or train access. Also of note are the opportunities to sample local wines and the warm hospitality of the village of Manarola, starting point for your excursions along the Azzuro nature trail in the Cinque Terre Park.

Apart from its magnificent historic centre, Genoa offers two attractions you don't even need to leave the city to visit. One of these is definitely the Lanterna, the lighthouse in the port. 117 metres above sea level, its light shines to a distance of 36 sea miles and it is one of the oldest lighthouses still in use. The other visit, again linked to marine life, is to the Aquarium. It is the largest in Europe and is an important point of reference for both the city and the scientific world. Inside an environment which has been faithfully reconstructed and which covers a surface of 10.000 square metres, you can see over 600 different aquatic species. The Aquarium represents an enthralling journey across the oceans, starting with the origins of life and arriving at current issues regarding the protection of ecosystems. A surprise lies at every corner: it is as if you are immersed in seas all over the world, on a journey to discover their hidden mysteries.

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