Tokyo 2020 is just around the corner: discover the wonders of the Rising Sun

A charmy, exotic and enigmatic destination: Japan is often among the first on the list of places to visit for every traveler!

Discover the Rising Sun country, with its thousand-year old culture and its thousand contradictions. You will be allowed to go back to the time of Samurai and Geisha and in the meanwhile take a look at the avant-gard technology.

Start from Tokyo or Osaka, the ultra-modern megalopolis that will amaze you on every corner, visit the ancient wonders and over 2000 temples scattered around the country, be amazed by the charm of the Japanese Alps or the tropical islands of the north with their paradisiacal beaches.

Still looking for other reasons to visit Japan? If you like sports you cannot miss the TOKYO 2020 Olympics: the country is getting ready fot lots of news and spectacular events!

Book now: over 17 UNESCO SITES and just as many wonders await you for an adventure in a special atmosphere!

Leave with us to discover the Land of the Rising Sun: discover the Best Western hotels in Japan.

Visit Nagasaki


After its distruction in 1945,this vibrant Japanese port city has reborned as a lighthouse hope, symbol of peace for the world.

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Visit Okinawa


A tropical island with crystal seas lapping golden beaches. A natural beauty where you can relax and discover the local culture among museums, castles, temples and sanctuaries.

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Visit Osaka


A city definitely to live… and taste: here food is protagonist! Loose youself in the dazzling neighborhood of Dotonbori to try all the culinary specialties of this region.

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Visit Tokyo


Here the past meets the future in a megalopolis with over 35 million inhabitants and must-see attractions! Local culture, technology, manga, food: are you ready for a sensory explosion?

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Visit Takayama


Located in the mountains of the Gifu’s prefecture, this ancient city contains the heart and the soul of Japan: lose yourself among traditional wooden buildings, picturesque streets, cafes and sake breweries!

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Visit Yokohama


A port city overlooking the Pacific
that has been the gateway to Japan. It is the second most populous city in the country. Breathe its international atmosphere!

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