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For a clean sea

Our commitment
For years we have been actively committed to protecting the environment and to a sustainable management of our hotels.

With the new #StayPlasticLess initiative, our hotels are adopting virtuous behaviors to reduce the use of disposable plastic and the production of waste.

Together we protect our seas
Thanks to your summer stays in our hotels, four LifeGate PlasticLess® Seabins have been inaugurated: on July 22nd in Santa Margherita Ligure, on August 1st in Palermo, on October 11th in Pescara and on October 17th in Venice.

Together we contribute to protect our seas, our beaches and the life forms that inhabit these delicate ecosystems. The four "plastic-eating" devices will collect 2 tons of waste:


of plastic






of bottle caps




What is a LifeGate's Seabin?

LifeGate's Seabin is a waste collection bin that floats in surface water, capable of capturing about 1.5 kg of debris per day, that is over 500 kg of waste per year, including microplastics from 5 to 2 mm in diameter and 0.3 mm microfibres.

This device can also capture many common wastes that end up in the seas like cigarette butts, unfortunately very present in our waters too.

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